Fire Insurance


Vehicle insurance can help spread expenses in the event that you harm another person’s vehicle or property while on your bicycle. Vehicle Insurance covers two-wheelers, cars, and all vehicles. Exhaustive protection does likewise, however, can likewise cover your own bicycle against misfortune or harm. Think about highlights, get cites for either or both, at that point pick inclusion to suit your requirements and spending plan. 

Inclusion applies to a wide scope of bikes, mopeds, cruisers, sports bicycles, visiting bicycles, bare bicycles, and earth bicycles. 

Types of vehicle insurance Policies, Coverages & Add on coverages

Comprehensive Package Policy, Liability Policy, Zero Depreciation Cover, 24*7 Roadside Assistance, Key Replacement, Legal Liability to Paid Driver, PA to Owner Driver, PA to Unnamed Passengers, Electronic & Non-Electronic Accessories, Tyre Cover, Engine Cover, Consumable Coverages, Return to Invoice Cover.

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